ryg's Homepage

My real name is Fabian Giesen, but “ryg” is the name that's on most of the interesting stuff I've done, so what the hell. I'm a coder. I do demos in my spare time, and sometimes release useful code into the public domain if I think that's where it belongs. I've studied CS at the University of Bonn and wrote a Diploma Thesis in Computer Graphics (print version) that would've been a nice combination of two of my passions (low-level pixel pushing and data compression) if it had worked out as planned. It didn't; that's research for you. There's still some nice stuff in there, so have a look if you're interested.

Nowadays I work at RAD Game Tools in Kirkland, WA on multiple currently unreleased products. I also have a blog. And I read emails, too - ryg(a)gmx,net, if you catch my drift.



I'm also active in the so-called demoscene, where I've done some cool stuff over the years. Chances are you've heard of farbrausch, my main group for the past 10 years. I've been involved in some way or other in most FR productions, but there are some that stand out:

These three demos all use the same codebase. I wrote large parts of the texture generator, most of the mesh generation code, the 3D engine, the material/lighting systems (there are several), and the executable compressor used to pack them.

And I don't only make demos to release them at demo parties, I also help organizing them. Most notably, I've been part of the organizing team for the Breakpoint demoparty (also on Wikipedia) since its first edition in 2003. I've been head of the competitions team since 2004. Before that, I was also organizer at mekka&symposium 2001 and 2002. M&S was another german demoparty at easter, before it got canceled. It was the spiritual predecessor of Breakpoint.